Meeting Minutes – 10.15.20

Start time – 7:33am

I. Welcome

II. Approval of Minutes from 9/17/20 – Approved

III. Board Member Reports:

  1. Past President – Judy Bouley – Present – Nothing to report other than retirement Dec 31st!! Job is posted.
  2. President – Diane Schroeder – Present – Thank YOU! Learning new virtual platform. Have goals to promote and provide great resources to the community. Go through the website and give Ashley some suggestions. Rebranding? Something new to promote ourselves? Couple things on the website, please add the current board list. Is there a way to fill out membership form online? We need to get our memberships into Renee. We will be talking about our Nov conference today. We need to start thinking about our winter conference, we will start planning for that soon.
  3. President Elect – Ashley VanBemmelen – Present – MCA president implicit bias training, too early to put that together prior to LARA requiring it. Put that on hold. Most of the things needing to update will be later for Nov.
  4. Treasurer – Kasey Hagler – Present – Sent report ou 10/14/2020. We are exactly where we were at year end. Scholarship checks went through. Brace for a reduction of membership money coming in. We are fine and cost this year could be significantly less though. Purchasing a non-profit zoom account to host large meetings. We should move forward with that so we aren’t restricted or piggy backing off someone else. When we do have a sign up will be through Kent ISD because there will be SCECHs. We need to figure out a way to make sure people are ok being recorded. This is a beneficial way to promote membership. When it is recorded people can watch video and still get SCECHs. We can monitor attendance, but how will the Kent ISD give SCECHs if the recording is watched? Kasey put in for SCECHs to hit the different categories to satisfy the counselors. Usually we would have a host for breakfast, maybe we could get some gift cards to raffle off at the end. WMCA Conferences people like to 1. Socialize 2. Eat at the Conference 3. To get great information  Should have some incentive for people to stay through the whole conference.
  5. Membership – Renee Hartman – Present – 38 members! Get those memberships in. A lot of people say they will mail the check, but they don’t come for a little while. February she will send out a reminder. Paypal doesn’t charge that much if we use that. Would we want to use PayPal? Charge is $30, it would take out under $2 for a fee. Is it deterrent enough to not want to sign up online? Kasey would like to keep it at a solid $30. Would it be easier on Renee? Let’s wait for next year to change anything so we don’t need to pay people back. If people are really motivated to join they will do it anyway. Renee: This is a pretty cheap membership, we don’t need to feel bad about the small fee. (table this discussion for next year)
  6. Secretary – Angela Pulera – Present – Nothing to report
  7. Communications Rep – Dani Lauer – Not present but board said we need to start sending out the emails to current and past members about what we have going on. We don’t have the link from Kent ISD but should we send out a Save the Date and remind people to join. SCECHs pending and we can send out topics and get people’s interest. Send out the Save the Date a couple times.
  8. Marketing – Dori Swiercz – Present – Fun Fact: Got a puppy in December, obsessed! Marketing chair, 5 years on the board.
    Report: Made something to put on facebook about the fall conference. 8:00am – 12:00pm on the banner for the save the date. After we confirm a time we will create a facebook event.
  9. Reps at Large – Gerry Verwey (KISD) (should we appoint a KISD liaison and just have two reps at large) Motion was passed to create the liaison role.
    Karyn Moulton (Forest View Hosp) – Not hearing back from Karyn.
    Kate DeVries (FHPS) – Present – All set 
  10. Community Mental Health Liaison – Anthony Muller (Samaritas)

IV. Grade Level Reports:

  1. High School – Lacy Otteman – Present – College virtual visits is the biggest challenge right now with seniors. Also, worried about seniors that are 100% virtual and how their grades will end up. Brittany DeWitt – Present – Using Naviance but it’s still hard to connect with those seniors. Worried about these students who aren’t attending school. Who took the SAT PSAT? Figuring it out as we go along.
  2. Middle School – Deanna Coyne – Present – Nothing to report
  3. Elementary – Hillary DeRidder – Conflict today.
  4. 5th and 6th grade – Amy Hallaed – Conflict today.
  5. Grad Student Rep – Received 3 names from cornerstone for counseling. Diane is going to call and do a phone interview.
  6. Grade Student School Counselor – Alexis Joseph –

V. Fall Conference and Winter Conference

  1. Fall Conference Date: Nov 13, 2020 – Committee met to talk about speakers. Brad: School Avoidance (1.5) Geoffrey: College and Career (1.5) With our ZOOM membership we can select the presenter, access, everyone else will be audio only. Realistically, participant can “raise their hand” and help field questions. Ashley will help co-host to help field questions. Are we able to be all together? Judy said she can host and social distance. Diane and Ashley will be together because of tech. ZOOM membership – Motion/second PASSED Spend the $400 on the ZOOM membership.

$40 per room. So when we do breakout sessions we can spread out.

How to do a drawing virtually?
Knickerbocker for social networking after conference.

Kasey: Gift cards
Renee: Knickerbocker connection

  1. Schedule, Speakers, Virtual Platform Set-Up, Drawing Prizes, SCHECH’s

Winter Conference: When should we do this? We need to look at school schedules. Last year we set up 2/10/2021.
When is everyone’s mid-winter break – add sponsor list to google
Angie – Check dates for mid-winter break
Technology committee for winter?
Speaker committee?
Sponsors/raffle committee?

End: 9:02am

Upcoming Schedule:
Board Meeting: November 5, 2020
Fall Conference: November 13, 2020
January: Board Meeting, 1/14/20 (?)
February: Winter Conference and Board Meeting Dates TBD
March: Board Meeting and Spring Banquet TBD

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