Legislative Action

The Legislation Action Alert page is intended to keep you up to date and aware of significant legislative issues and actions that you can take to advocate for the counseling profession.

Tenure for Teacher-Certified School Counselors has been Restored!

Effective September 23, 2005, the Administrative Rules for the Teacher Tenure Acte were revised to allow for teacher-certified school counselors to earn tenure while serving in the role of a school counselor.

It has been determined that those teacher-certified individuals who were working as non-tenured school counselors between July 2000 and September 2005 will not receive retroactive service toward tenure.  Be assured that the Michigan Counseling Association (MCA) in cooperation with the Association of Michigan School Counselors (AMSC) worked hard to have the Tenure Commission grant retroactive recognition of time served within this window period.  It is unfortunate that their combined efforts were unable to make progress on this issue.