The West Michigan Counseling Association (WMCA) is a not-for-profit, professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession.

WMCA is one of the state’s largest chapters of the Michigan Counseling Association (MCA). As a regional chapter of MCA, WMCA locally represents professional counselors in various practice settings.

By providing leadership, newsletters, conferences, and MCA representation to nearly 150 members, WMCA helps counseling professionals develop their skills and expand their knowledge base in effort to contribute to a healthier community.

2018-2019 Executive Board

  • President: Anne Harig (2020)
  • President-Elect: Judy Bouley (2021)
  • Past-President: Kasey Hagler (2019)
  • Treasurer: Dave Witucki (2019)
  • Secretary: Angie Pulera (2020)
  • High School Representative: Lacy Otteman (2020)
  • High School Representative: Ken Parker (2019)
  • Middle School Representative: Deanna DiPonio (2019)
  • Middle School Representative: MaryAnn Harris (2020)
  • Elementary School Representative: Hillary DeRidder (2019)
  • Elementary School Representative: OPEN (2020)
  • Representative at Large: Diane Schroeder (2019)
  • Representative at Large: Eric Kelliher (2020)
  • Community Liaison: Anthony Muller (appointed)
  • Marketing/Advertising: Dori Castignola (appointed)
  • Membership: Renee Hartman (appointed)
  • MCA Governing Council Representative: HOLD
  • Website: Ashley VanBemmelen (appointed)
  • WMCA Historian: Kasey Hagler (appointed)
  • Graduate Student Representative: LeAnne Lazar (appointed)

Please note that we often have open positions on the WMCA Executive Board. If you are interested, please complete the Volunteer Form or contact contact Anne Harig at hariga@wyomingps.org.

The year in parentheses, following each name, indicates the year through which each board member will serve.  Committee chair positions are appointed and are indicated by the word “appointed” following the names.