Meeting Minutes – 9.17.20

Called to order: 7:33am

I. Welcome & Introductions – Attendees take a quick moment to introduce yourself, where you work, and something we don’t know about you.
II. Approval of Minutes (are there any minutes that need to be approved?) – Minutes were approved

III. Board Member Reports:
a. Past President – Judy Bouley: Wrap up from last year; any loose ends due to COVID? Judy has been on the board about 20 yrs on the board on and off. FUN FACT: Sets alarm to star gaze.

  1. Update: We will do our best to get together but it will be virtual as of now. Our sites for conferences have canceled because of COVID19. Judy will call about rooms if and when things open back up.
    b. President – Diane Schroeder: Mission/Vision and Goals for 2020/21, Fall Conference, FUN FACT: Wants to be a pilot, taking flying lessons!
  2. Update: Mission and Vision – WMCA Mission and Vision is on the Google drive. We also have that information on the website. We want to make sure we guide, support and provide services to the community. Hoping this year that we are pressing forward and doing the best we can to provide those supports. This year’s goal, (send goals to Diane if you have any!) thinking about organization (where do we find our info) where do we find contact information for board members, where do we get access to tools to support us, having access to minutes, systems and admin side. Portal for everything.
    c. President Elect – Ashley VanBemmelen: MCA Update, Website – This is the 3rd year on board. Private practice. FUN FACT: Likes to ride motorcycles.
  3. Update: Website, launched website 3 years ago, give feedback on updating and fresh look for website? Anything we want on the website (minutes, additional info, COVID, resources for counselors) email those to Ashley and she can get those up on the website. Let’s take a look at the website and bring ideas to the next meeting. MCA – Ashley is President Elect, did some webinars this summer with them. They want to have a closer relationship with us. Please reach out if you’d like to join MCA ($120) Want our state organization to stay alive.
    d. Treasurer – Kasey Hagler – 7 yrs, FUN FACT: On a newlywed game and won!
  4. Update: Emailed report, yearend. We had 4 applicants for the scholarship so there has not been much change in the report. We have no cost but we have no income coming in either. We are fine financially, but it’s relevant to market ourselves because of COVID. How can we get members if we can’t host conferences? We need to hit all angles with PD school/private practice. Sign-in sheets will be different. Live google sheet and sign in online. Will continue to do monthly reports.
    e. Membership – Renee Hartman – been on board for 9-10 yrs FUN FACT: Had a hole in one once!
  5. Update: Little concerns about memberships. Please reach out and ask colleagues to still join. Hoping to get SCECHs still. People can register online and pay online or send Renee a check. Paper application still exists. In the email out to members make sure to add that counselors can nominate students for a scholarship. (Should we put in a dollar amount for scholarship?) We would like that information to go out this week. Upcoming virtual fall conference should be in the email. Dani will get that sent out.
    f. Secretary – Angela Pulera – about 5 years on board, works at KentISD for KCTC, school counselor, FUN FACT: Was in a band.
  6. Update: Nothing to update
    g. Communications Rep – Dani Lauer – 3rd yr, academic advisor at GVSU, FUN FACT: bridesmaid 17 times
  7. Update: Does everyone like the newsletter? Want to change the format? If we ever need to pay for the website please know that’s ok, do it. Pay it and give Kasey a receipt. Renee said to start sending newsletter to the 2019-2020 members. Fall conference, membership, SCECHs (appeal to school counselors) Likely to fulfill college and career credits. She will send to Kasey and Renee before sending the newsletter out.
    h. Marketing – Dori Castignola – N/A
    i. Reps at Large – Gerry Verwey (KISD) 1st yr. FUN FACT: Ran marathon! 26.2 miles
  8. Update: SCECHs – Gerry develops SCECHs for counselors in the county. He is currently working on opportunities for counselors to hear SCECHs.
    j. Reps at Large – Karyn Moulton (Forest View Hosp) – Not in attendance
    k. Community Liaison – Anthony Muller (Samaritas) – Not in attendance
    a. Mental Health Liaison – Kate DeVries LP (FHPS) – Mental Health Liaison FUN FACT: Afraid of heights, Grand Canyon and her sons had to hold her hand.
  9. Update: K-12, works with Pine Rest. In all the building working with admin, counselors, and working to support students and families. Helps with community resources, outpatient therapist, and hospitalization. Pine Rest employee working in the schools. Pine Rest offers one free speaker a year. We can get connected to the marketing to learn more about that.
    a. Grade Levels:
    i. High School – Lacy Otteman – 3-4 yr. FUN FACT: Worked out at a hotel next to Tiger Woods
  10. Update: What do you do when students are virtual but they want to come back face to face (if they have that option?) FH will do a review for the process. Students might be able to come back but they may only have room at another school. In the end, if a parent is insistent and a student is anxious we would do what we could to get that student in. GR Christian does not let the students flip back and forth. They made a commitment and they expect them to follow that. They can make a change once but they will need to stick with that choice.
    ii. High School – Brittany DeWitt – 2 yr, counselor at West Catholic High School FUN FACT: Zip lining in the jungle!
  11. Update: They are face to face but they have an option to go virtual. If they want to come back they might just need to do a screener. NACAC has updates on their website for which colleges are open for visits.
    iii. Middle School – Deanna Coyne – CA Frost, 4 yrs on board, loves to travel FUN FACT: Went paragliding in Switzerland.
  12. Update: No updates
    iv. Elementary – Hillary DeRidder – 6, 7, 8, Coopersville Middle, 3-4 yr on the board.
  13. Update: Universal screener for social and emotional. Getting help to those students in need of help and resources.
    v. 5th and 6th grade – Amy Hallaed – Northern Trails, 2nd yr on board, not a risk taker! FUN FACT: Snorkeling in Jamaica and couldn’t even leave the boat ☺
  14. Update: Had to go…
    vi. Grad Student Rep –
    IV. Old Business
  15. Mental Health Graduate Intern

V. New Business – Fall Conference and Future Conference Dates 2020- 2021

  1. Nov 13, 2021 – Fall Conference Date: N/A Davenport
  2. Update: Webinar based conference. BRAINs is willing to help run the show. Talking about mental health, college career, psychological reports and trends, they can ZOOM with up to 100 attendees.
  3. Committee: Diane, Kasey, Kate, Ashley for Fall Conference
  4. Speakers, Webinar Virtual Platform, SCHECH’s

Adjourn: 8:48am

2020-21 SCHEDULE
October 8, 2020 – Board Meeting
November 5, 2020 – Board Meeting
November 13, 2020 – Fall Conference

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