MEETING MINUTES – October 4, 2018

WMCA Meeting Minutes

KISD Board Room

October 4, 2018

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Kasey made a motion and Judy seconded the motion
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Anne
    2. Kasey
    3. Judy
    4. Dave- absent
    5. Renee – membership is around 65 with new memberships coming in daily
    6. Dani- new and a current student at MA program at Cornerstone. Graduating this year. New communications Rep.
    7. Dori – absent
    8. Eric- absent
    9. Diane – getting 5 gift bags for Fall Conference
    10. Anthony- How can I be helpful as a liaison? Country funding in Kent is a disaster. The state is mandating a fix. There is a conversation to create a “Crisis Intervention” program instead of sending kids to jail or hospital.  Stabilize kids in order to avoid such high costs. Network 180 will not be able to do it all, so looking for support from providers and that would be Network 180 and Pine Rest. Adolescents are getting provided.  In-home services are minimized to 4 months with only office based after that. Diane asked if there is anything we can help?  Anthony stated there is not at this time.  We need to move forward.
    11. Lacy- no report and will not attend Fall Conference because of DPPD at her school. Stephanie Grant, trauma informed and Grandville practice could be a great speaker at Winter Conference.  She has lots of experience and research. Another question – she is making a home visit today.  Wondering who she can take with her.  Discussed letting admin know and bringing a Dean or Attendance Officer.
    12. Ken – absent
    13. MaryAnne – absent
    14. Deanna- absent
    15. LeAnne – 50 students in GVSU grad program
    16. Ashley- website is going well and updates are easy. What about an online app that goes right to me.  Discussion about using Venmo but can that be used on an online form.  We can link to Square App easily.  Maybe more members from outside community will easily join. Renee and Ashley and Dave can work out details. We would like an online receipt to generate upon completion.
  4. Old Businnes
    1. None
  5. Fall Conference
    1. Registration – 3 tables – check in and membership table and Diane and Hillary
    2. Renee will bring name tags and markers
    3. 6 round table presenters – Wedgwood, Forest View, Wise Up, Harmon Wealth, Western, MSCA
    4. Kasey will email Becky for Bios from both
    5. Speakers – Becky Tellzerow (Growth Mindset Part 2) and Shawn B plus two others (Motivational Interviewing for Change 1.5 hours)
    6. Ashley will also update fall conference webpage
    7. Davenport University – Sneden Hall and WMCA Board members should arrive 7:30.
    8. Timing- Breakfast and Registration 8 am. Speakers start at 8:30. 9:30-10 Roundtables. Shawn 10-11:30.  Lunch at 11:30.  Possible Walking Tour afterwards
    9. Anne will introduce speakers
    10. Dori will take photos?
    11. Kasey will do one more conference reminder email with membership application
  6. Anne made motion to adjourn



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