Meeting Minutes – January 10, 2019

January 10, 2019
Call to order 7:38am
Approval of Minutes – Approved

Officer Reports

  1. President – Anne Harig 
  2. Past President – Kasey Hagler  – Michigan Counseling Association Division Status – Received email MCA asking to connect and form a relationship. Offered to put our WMCA information on their website. Kasey has not responded yet. She has some reservations. Any input, email Kasey.
  3. President Elect – Judy Bouley – 
  4. Treasurer – Dave Witucki – 
  5. Membership – Renee Hartman – Steady at 124. We will most likely get more before the conference. We might need to limit walk-ins because of the room in the Grand Room? Should we cap it off at 128? Could we have an overflow room so we aren’t discouraging anyone from coming? Don’t want the overflow room to be one that a presenter is prepping in. 
  6. Secretary – Angela Pulera – Talked later about sponsorship later on
  7. Communications Rep – Dani Lauer – Wants email information so she can blast out an email to all the members. Kasey suggests we should do about a 2 sentence email with some information. Send out the conference date and say we are looking forward to seeing you, make sure to register. 7:30am – 2:30pm  5 SCECHs available. 
  8. Marketing – Dori Castignola – Banner has the save the date along with brief description of speakers and other information. Was quoted for banner pens, gift tags, travel mugs, stress balls, tote bags and mini notebooks. She can send quotes through emails. He does a live printing event, we buy shirts and he has four different designs he could do.
    Ask him if he is willing to wave the $75 for a Gold Plus sponsorship. Come in the morning and stay through lunch? We will buy 50 shirts (Bella). One color design – Dark grey shirt with white printing. Anne will be telling Diane “stuff”
  9. Reps at Large – Eric Kelliher – Has rooms reserved. He is going to do a session on the new SCECHs policies. 25 career readiness, 25 college planning and 5 of those need to be military. Teachers in industry offers 5 career readiness. KCTC counselor breakfast will be offering 1 military SCECH. Give Eric questions so he can answer those in the breakout session. 
  10. Community Liaison – Anthony Muller  ”How can I be helpful for this group?” Anthony gave us an update on some of the things going on in the community related to mental health. We won’t see a lot of change of who is providing, but there are new programs opening up. We might see reduction in certain services and we might not be happy about that. Not specific to just Wedgwood.
  11. Grade Level
    1. High School – Ken Parker, Lacy Otteman – West Ottawa has a position open. Mental Wellness Facilitator. Groups, carries case load, help coordinate risk assessment. Closes on the 1/25/19 MSW or School Counselor. None SPED 
    2. Middle School – MaryAnne Harris, Deanna DiPonio – 1. Ended up passing off SCECHs app to Kasey. 2. Check to see if you have SCECHs from last year winter conference. It said “0” on Deanna’s account. 
    3. Elementary – Hillary DeRidder – 
  12. Grad Student Rep – LaAnne Lazar – GVSU event – Feb 6th there is an event. We are welcome to come. LaAnne is going to email us information on that event. SCECHs will be approved. 
  13. Website – Ashley VanBemmelen 

 Old Business – 

New Business –

Committees for Winter Conference 

  1. Agenda – need room sizes
  2. SCECHs – Submitted, have not formalized registration yet. Bri asked us to let her know what breakouts will get which SCECHs. We can’t double dip. 
  3. Registration – Get an email to Dani to send out email. Renee will be running the table. 
  4. Speakers – We are all set! Make a list of overflow for future
  5. Sponsors – Davenport – we need to fill out a vendor form. Can they pay with a credit card? Pay the day of.  Arbor Circle – Janelle – Lots of questions – Need draft itinerary – About 50/50 that come early or prior to lunch.  
    1. Table Tents, need to know by Feb 1st. Ask them to send a logo to JPEG or PNG – Send to Dani
    2. Send Dori email we’ve been sending to see if GRCC and Covenant would like to sponsor.
  6. Food – Forest View breakfast – Lunch – Mexican or Greek? Facebook vote?
  7. Marketing – 
  8. Other Details – Dave – centerpieces from KCTC. Social Media – They are all set! 12-15 gift bags for Diane to get ready. DIane is also doing the door prizes.
  9. Adjourn 8:58am

2018-19 SCHEDULE

Feb. 14, 2019 – Winter Conference, KISD

March 7, 2019 – Board Meeting, KISD

April 25, 2019 – Spring Banquet, Downtown Market

May 9, 2019 – Board Meeting, KISD

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