MAVIN “Solution”

In support of providing high quality learning experiences remotely,, MASSP has collaborated with MASA, MACAC, MSCA, MDE, Talent 2025, multiple local and intermediate school districts, and Mavin Global to integrate a FREE mobile “Solution” into district plans that provides a: 

  • Safe way to meet the state requirements for both remote learning within their CLP and EDP’s.
  • Secure way for teachers and counselors to stay connected and engaged in SEL.
  • Simple way to demonstrate attendance, engagement and impact on student achievement and growth.
  • Sustainable way to help students build career awareness, skills, and competencies.

To learn more about how to integrate Mavin “Solution” into your Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans with minimal time and staff, register for: 

Stage 1: Awareness and Plan webinar, in which you will learn how this free “Solution” aligns with requirements of EO 2020-35, engage with the tool from the lens of the student, and hear about the impact it is currently having in Michigan schools. 

Audience: Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents / Directors, Building Administrators, and Counselors. (1 SCECH is available for all educators)


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