Meeting Minutes – 3.12.20

WMCA Meeting 03/12/2020

KISD Board Room

Start time: 7:33am

  1. Approval of Minutes – Approved
  2. Officer Reports
  1. President – Judy Bouley – Great feedback from the winter conference!
  2. Past President – Anne Harig – Summer Career Readiness @ Sparta. She will send it to Dori to blast it on facebook. Also send to Dani to email out.
  3. President Elect – Diane Schroeder – 
  4. Treasurer – Kasey Hagler – Sign-in sheets are out so make sure you see your signature. Please grab a coffee cup courtesy of the board. Our account is balanced! Everything is checking out. We will be writing some checks for our scholarship participants for the spring banquet and we are looking good. Winter Conference: Greek-to-Go was about $1800, ordered for 120 people. The cups will serve as a stand alone for gift items. Big chunk of money upfront but it will last. 
  5. Membership – Renee Hartman – about 177 members
  6. Secretary – Angela Pulera – Need counselors for round table discussion for a grief documentary Kent ISD will be showing in the fall
  7. Communications Rep – Dani Lauer – 
  8. Marketing – Dori Castignola – Has the t-shirts! 
  9. Reps at Large – Eric Kelliher – Gerry Verwey – Military SCECH available April 25th, full 5 credits! Registration live on the PD. 

June 11th conference for educators, we want teachers to come. Cut and Paste, send out to parents and students. CROPD is for educators. Sign up for CROPD to get those emails then send them out. 

Employability skills pilot, 4th-6th grade and two teachers in the county doing. Next year we will be expanding to 7th and 8th as well as 2nd-3rd. Fits perfectly with PBIS. 4th-6th are working on responsibility and 2nd-3rd working on teamwork. 

  1. Community Liaison – Anthony Muller – (Took a new position)
  2. Mental Health Liaison – Kate DeVries (FHPS)
  3. Grade Level
  1. High School – Lacy Otteman, Brittany DeWitt
  2. Middle School – MaryAnne Harris, Deanna DiPonio – GRPS Looking for Spanish speaking counselor as they grow their spanish immersion program. 
  3. Elementary – Hillary DeRidder – doing EDPs at middle school level, Amy Hallaed – 5th and 6th grade, doing Career Talk Series. Have done 5th and 6th already and have guest/parent speakers come in to talk about careers. During lunch hours. 14 parents have signed up to speak. 

Liaison sent out a documentary on trauma. CAC hosting, Tues March 31st 7-9pm, documentary “Cracked Up.” 2 hours long, need to register. Celebration cinema is hosting the documentary. 

  1. Grad Student Rep – Kyra Short – Grad students are looking for jobs! They are ready to go. 
  2. Website – Ashley VanBemmelen – Kasey on behalf of Ashley, President from MCA came to present. Do we need to file taxes? NO, we don’t need to file taxes because we don’t have our own tax ID #. We are under MCA’s umbrella and they claim us. He is going to ask for our reports moving forward. Kasey did talk finances. We have more money and more members than the MCA. They charge $75, what if we did a two for one and pay $75 for both memberships. Kasey helping serve on their board to help with SCECHs. Most of MCA trainings are mental health based. It’s an option to do both, not a choice to have to pay for both. More to come…
  3. Old Business – 
  4. Conference – Great job! Speakers were awesome! Great turn out for mid-winter break and snow days! About 80 members attended. Speakers have been followed up on and we have most of the slides. We will be putting those out on the website on a PDF. 
    1. Survey – Is it too late with a survey? What should we do? 
    2. Do we want to increase the sponsorship? Raffle prizes, donors gave more than what we charge for sponsors. Can we give shoutouts on facebook saying thank you to our donors? Important to give recognition. 

2.    To Recap (come back to these items bc we need to talk about Spring Banquet)

  1. Mental Health Graduate Intern? Where have we landed?
  1. Suggestion to ask for goals from board members. We have not decided where to go on this
  2. Mugs. Passed out to members and will be a stand alone gift in the future.
  1. New Business – Spring Conference and Future Conference Dates 2020- 2021 – April 24th 10:00am
    1. Committees – 
      1. Speaker: As of now, we do not have a speaker. Any ideas? Looking for someone to inspire the group. Renee has some options through a friend of hers. Anne has a refugee student who might want to speak. 
      2. Scholarships/Awards/Nominations: Separated the awards nomination forms.  Changes have also been made to the scholarship form to make it more specific.  Anne will share these out. How do we submit the scholarship? Email them to Anne. Should we have grad school students read the scholarships so there is not any bias? Should we have none high school/mental health individuals be on the committee. We should give a limit of guests. 
      3. Gift bags – 
      4. SCECHs: No
      5. Registration – Kasey will do registration

Nov 13, 2021 – Davenport – Fall Conference. They are charging $500 to use their facility. No breakouts. Breakfast was in the front room where we were registering members. We were in a smaller auditorium. 

Adjourned 8:57am 

2019-20 SCHEDULE

May 14 – board meeting

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