Board Meeting Minutes – 11/14/2019

WMCA Meeting 11/14/2019

KISD Board Room

Kick off at 7:33am

  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Officer Reports
  1. President – Judy Bouley – Things look great for tomorrow! Western Michigan is covering lunch. Martha’s Vineyard. 
  2. Past President – Anne Harig – N/A
  3. President Elect – Diane Schroeder   
  4. Treasurer – Kasey Hagler – Ashely and website – the 1st of the month she will deposit the PayPal in WMCA account. Healthy balance right now at $13,573.08. There was a $30 discrepancy (positive). Most likely a membership. Unable to go back to the month of deposit to see what the discrepancy was. We will need to get more coffee cup. Angie suggests checking out Kasey will do SCECHs for the conference. 
  5. Membership – Renee Hartman – 130 memberships, but several people have done the online registration twice so Renee will need to combine a few tabs to get a more accurate number. We need to cross reference some of the membership. There are three ways to pay. We will do a commercial during the conference to let them know. 
  6. Secretary – Angela Pulera – Nothing to report
  7. Communications Rep – Dani Lauer – N/A
  8. Marketing – Dori Castignola – N/A
  9. Reps at Large – Eric Kelliher – Teacher in Industry next Tuesday, not a lot signed up. Erik VanBuskirk: Social Worker from FH – Vape update. Taking away flavors without having a replacement for that addiction. With the holidays coming up, we all know this is the time stress, suicide ideation, etc… increases. Please feel free to contact him if you need to brainstorm how to work with these students or if you need resources for those students who are struggling. 
  10. Community Liaison – Anthony Muller  – N/A
  11. Grade Level
  1. High School – Lacy Otteman – N/A, Brittany DeWitt – Nothing to report
  2. Middle School – MaryAnne Harris – N/A, Deanna DiPonio – N/A
  3. Elementary – Hillary DeRidder – Nothing to report, Amy Haallead – Trauma training at her school. 
  4. Grad Student Rep – Kyra Short – N/A
  5. Website – Ashley VanBemmelen – N/A – Note: Report to Ashley 
  1. Old Business – Old Business 
    1. Conference
      1. Last minute check in with what we have. Notes: Looks like we are all set with water bottles, folders, linens, etc…
    2. Sign In Sheet Was left. Collect
    3. In addition to a school counselor intern, should we have a community mental health intern as well?  We decided yes so lets talk about our next step
  2. New Business – Suggestion to Ask For Goals From Board Members

                                        Appoint Community Mental Health Graduate Intern?

Ideas for Winter Conference – 

Notes: Bring your ideas! Send names of presenters that wanted to participate last year that weren’t able to present. Two keynotes, we need to keep those in mind. Send ideas with names and contact information. Feb 18th.

Speaker ideas: Brandy Lovelady Mitchell? (diversity) 

Feb 18th Committees:

Speakers: Angie, Eric, Receives help from the whole group on making those decisions. (3-4) and makes decision with president elect. Total 4 people

Sponsorships: Kasey & Angie

Food: Renee & Hillary

Gift Bags: Brittany ($5 worth ex: candy, peanuts, etc…)

Keynote Speakers: ($10-$15)

Raffle/Giveaway: Diane & (Dani or Ashley?) 

SCECHs: Kasey

Registration: Renee

Are there any other committees? 

T-shirts: Who has the shirt, who doesn’t, what size do you need?

Angie: Make a google doc with committees and have people sign up. Add a line for who needs a name tag. T-shirts as well. 

  1. Adjourn – 8:51am

2019-20 SCHEDULE

September 12 – board meeting

October 10  – board meeting

November 14  – board meeting

Switch: January 9 – board meeting

January 16 – board meeting

February 18 – Winter Conference

March 12 – board meeting

May 14 – board meeting

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