2018 Spring Banquet

The WMCA had a fantastic time at the Spring Banquet. The Downtown Market was a perfect location for local counselors to gather together and celebrate the accomplishments of the year and award scholarships to graduating seniors!

April 20, 2018

11:30       Meet and Greet
11:40      Welcome — John Kraus, KCTC Principal
11:45       Lunch — Courtesy of Kent Career Technical Center
Lunch prepared and served by students enrolled in the KCTC Hospitality Program
12:30      Keynote Speaker — John Agar and Jeff Agar
1:00        Moment of Recognition for Marissa (Freyling) Stevens
1:10        Presentation of Community Support — Manasseh Project
1:20        Scholarships, Retirees & Awards


  • Kelly Giles, East Kentwood High School
  • Lauren LaSage, Caledonia High School
  • Luke Orr, South Christian High School



NiKeidra Battle-DeBarge, Manasseh Project Coordinator

This award recognizes an agency, an individual from a non-school setting, a local political leader or a civic leader who has given assistance and leadership to improve and meet human needs in the community.



Shawn Bultsma,  Ph.D., Associate Professor in Educational Leadership and Counseling, Grand Valley State University

This award is to honor and recognize outstanding professional service in supporting the field of counseling.



Gary Moline, Career Counseling, Academic Counseling & Mental Health Referrals
Kent Intermediate School District

The purpose of this award is to honor and recognize outstanding work in the field of counseling.


We would like to thank our generous hosts:  Kent Career Technical Center, John Kraus, Gary Moline, Lara Roessler, Chef Dennis, Chef Pohl, Robin Briggs and the KCTC students for a spectacular location, lunch and centerpieces.  WMCA truly appreciates your support!


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