Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2016



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kelly Green, Kasey Hagler, Shawn Bultsma, Dave Witucki, Erika Dvorak, Renee Hartman, Phyllis Powers-Fata, Katie Erickson, Christine Lance, Collin DeVos, Nathan Hansen, Liz Pellegrom, Deana Pienta, Shanna Bell

Shanna called the meeting to order at 7:40 A. M.

Dave made a motion to accept the March minutes.  Katie  seconded the motion.

Shanna reported that Kasey Hagler will be president-elect for the next school year 2016-17.  Although Shawn stated he would be next year’s president, he would rather that someone else step up.  He is open to conversations.

Meetings are set for next year, as are the banquet and conference dates for the fall and winter.

Ballot for Board election has been set out to members.

Dave reported on Treasurer’s Report.  We have a “pretty healthy balance”—a good position to be in.  Dave suggested we bump up our scholarship money from the $500 each for 3 scholarships depending on the number of applicants.  We had 8 applicants this year.   Total for our Spring Banquet expenses was only $236.51.  Dave explained that we have been wise with our spending.  A motion made by Nathan was seconded by Shawn to raise our scholarship fund to $750 each.  The voting was unanimous in favor of raising the scholarship fund to $750 each.

Phyllis stated that because of additional responsibilities next year at her school, she will not be able to do another term as secretary, but will be available to help the next secretary, if any need arises.

Renee reported that we now have 165 members.

Nathan shared that he still has many problems with group e-mail.  We need to think about how the problem of e-mails kicking back to him can be solved.  It was suggested that maybe the KISD could offer us an e-mail address that would help.

Kelly reported that she has some pictures from the Banquet that she will share.

Shanna will publish the names of the new board members, dates for meeting, dates for conferences and banquet in the next newsletter.

Katie explained the process and distributed the forms for SCECH’s.  Members will be responsible for turning in the SCECH’s form themselves.

Liz reported that the high schools are wrapping up M-Step.  Financial aid will be done in the fall this coming school year.  Dave stated that on Sept. 20, the College Board Fall Counselor Update  will take place at Northview.  Shanna will include this information in the next Newletter.

Eric Kelliher from the Kent ISD will be Rep-at-Large for the next school year.

Erika reported that the graduate interns have graduated and requests that if we know of any counselor positions available, she would appreciate us letting her know, and she will pass on the information to the graduates.

Cindy, Kelly, and Nathan had volunteered at the March meeting to be on the committee regarding our new logo and whether or not we would go to a professional rather than pursue a student-based route.  Shanna commented that she is concerned about commitment and getting this logo project started at this time.  Several board members agreed that getting a professional company might be the best way to go.

Shawn stated one not need be on the board to work on a committee.  He suggests that we empower the committee to do the work.

A suggestion was made—students will be asked to help, but we should have a professional do the work this summer.  We have already approved the money to have the work done.   Shanna said she would be happy to join the committee with Kelly, Nathan, and Cindy.  Shawn stated that we are really not on a deadline—we don’t necessarily need to have the logo done by the fall.  But the committee will decide when they will meet and share that information with the Board after it is decided.

It is the president-elect’s job to secure the venue, keynote, break-out sessions, etc. for the Fall Conference.  Davenport is available and would like for us to contract with them for the venue.   The Fall Conference will be on Oct. 14th.  Liz will get in touch with David Theune, teacher and author, as a possibility for a Keynote Speaker.

We need 3 people for breakouts, a keynote, and round table leader for discussions. Suicide, cybersafety, pornography are some of the areas we may consider for keynote topics.  We should all reach out to see who might be available on Oct. 14th.

New by-law review should be discussed at the next Board Meeting in the fall.

Shanna made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:20 A. M.

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