Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2016



Thursday, March 10, 2016

Present:  Shanna Bell, Phyllis Powers-Fata, Kelly Green, Kasey Hagler, Shawn Bultsma, Dave Witucki, Erika Dvorak, Renee Hartman, Liz Pellegrom, Cindy Urban

Shanna called the meeting to order at 7:41 A. M.  Board minutes from the February meeting were approved.

Judy will not be back to work next year due to the accident; therefore, we will need a president.  Although Shawn said he is not interested in the position, he would step up, if needed.  That depends, too, if he is approved for the ASCA board.  A president-elect is also needed.  We also will need a secretary because Phyllis’ term is up, and because of other commitments she has next year, she cannot commit to another term.   We also need a high school rep, middle school rep, elementary rep a rep-at-large.  

Liz shared that she would rather help than hold a position.

Renee said that members have expressed an interest in Board/Leadership positions. Shawn suggested that we put together a Google form that Nathan could send out to our members to determine if there are members desiring to serve.  

We would want to have the slate and a ballot sent out by April 12th.   Shanna will speak to Deana regarding this.  Casey, Shawn, and Deana will then work together on these areas.

Shanna will reach out to Colin and Lee to find out if they have an interest in remaining on the Board.   Kelly said she is willing to run again for middle school rep for the next 2 years.

Shawn read some of the by-laws to remind us of what we might want to revise.  Work on by-laws revision would be next year.  Perhaps a committee would be appointed to do this, and maybe, we could also give serious consideration to a conference/committee chair, as well.  This would help our President with some of the important conference work that is extremely involved and time-consuming.  Shawn shared that according to the by-laws, it is the president-elect who should be planning the conferences/events.  

Board members should let Shanna know if we have heard from any members who might be interested in any of our open positions for next year.

Kelly, Cindy, and Phyllis suggested that Eric Kelliher be contacted to discuss a possible meeting regarding resources that KISD would be able to provide to us.  Kelly also suggested that Eric might be interested in our rep-at-large position.  Kelly will contact Eric to set a meeting.

Officers’ Reports

Dave reported that he got 2 checks from Michigan Virtual.  It turned out that there was a stop payment on one of the checks.  He shared a copy of the Treasurer’s Report dated March 20, 2016 with each Board Member.  

Phyllis suggested that all speakers at our conferences be remembered in our newsletters even if their agencies, hospitals, etc. do no pay for a table to advertise.  Liz, Kelly, Cindy, Erika, and Kasey agreed.

Nathan has shared with Shanna information from a couple of professionals regarding our new logo.  The proposals were between $250 and $800.  Phyllis questioned whether we wanted to pay the money for professionals or go with students for no cost.  Renee said that she thinks we should go with the professionals and just pay the money.  Kelly disagreed and thought that we could save the money and also give our students an incredible opportunity to help show what they can do, as well as helping to commit to a good cause.  Shawn suggested that we plan for a committee in the fall that commits to put something together—whether that’s with a professional or with students.  Kelly, Cindy and Nathan would be on this committee.

Feedback from the Winter Conference was positive.  The custodians were very pleased with our visit, particularly with our clean-up.

Another end of the year survey will be sent out to members regarding awards, retirements, etc.  

Shawn reported House Bill 4552 was passed.  This bill says that if you want to be a school counselor you need 25 SCHECHs in college readiness and 25 SCHECHs in career readiness.

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