Meeting Minutes – Sept. 15 2016

West Michigan Counseling Association


Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7:30am – 9:00am

KISD; Board Room

2930 Knapp Street NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525

  1. Call to Order- 7:32am
  2. Introduction of Board- Board members introduced themselves. Marilyn Booker resigned from secretary board position.
  3. Approval of Minutes- Approval tabled until next mtg. Minutes from 5/12/16 meeting and 9/15/16 will be sent out to board members.
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President: Shawn Bultsma
    2. Past President: Shanna Bell
    3. President-Elect : Kasey Hagler
    4. Treasurer: Dave Witucki
    5. Secretary: Vacant- Renee Hartman has a lead and will reach out to this person about filling the secretary position.
    6. Newsletter: Nathan Hansen
    7. Membership: Rene Hartman
      1. Membership applications are coming in
      2. Renee is creating a new board contact list (Renee requested that
        members new to the board submit their contact info to Renee)
    8. Marketing- Dori Castignola
    9. Reps at Large- Eric Kelliher, Matt Johnson (absent)
      1. Eric shared the latest Career Readiness events: Teachers in Industry,
        Mosaic Mobile Film Festival. He is also starting a Kent Career
        Readiness Network.
      2. The board decided to promote career readiness event to our
        membership communications
    10. Grade Level Reps
      1. Elementary Rep: Christine Lance (absent), Joe Kessel from FHPS was
        present and considering joining the board. Joe is working with Judy
        Bouley. He reports she is coming to work nearly every day.
      2. Middle School Rep: Katie Erickson, MaryAnn Harrison (absent)
      3. Katie shared changes to EDP at Lowell high school- they are no
        longer using Career Cruising
      4. High School Rep: Ken Parker, Anne Harig (absent)
    11. Graduate Intern: Laura Holland- Intern with Kasey at City High
  5. Old Business
    1. SCECHs-Board members will be able to apply for SCECHS for participating in 6 out of 8 board meetings. Katie will manage the board SECH paperwork.
    2. Logo- Dori and Nathan will work together on WMCA rebranding and logo redesign and present options to the board. Shawn cautioned against use of family and friends in the redesign process/bids as this poses a conflict of interest. $1,500.00 was approved last year for the redesign. Renee mentioned that we are also in need of new items such as note cards, name badges, table covers and signage after logo is redesigned.
    3. Review of Calendar- Next board meeting 10/6 KISD Bostwick Room
    4. Fall Program-
      1. Kasey and Shanna shared the fall conf. agenda and discussed the plan forthe day
      2. Kasey to send out an evite so we can get a prediction of the
        number attending the conference.
      3. Shanna is reaching out to WMCA members that are in private
        practice to participate in the roundtable portion of the conference.
      4. Grade Level Reps will facilitate collaboration time.
      5. Nathan will email WMCA members a survey to collect topics to
        address at collaboration times.
  6. New Business
    1. Review of Bylaws- Shawn encouraged the board to review tour bylaws (found on website). He proposed the possibility of a revision to the bylaws due to our goals and changes within MCA.
    2. WMCA Priorities
      1. Logo Redesign/WMCA rebranding
      2. Winter Conference Work group/committee development
      3. Creation of 501c for WMCA

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