West Michigan Counseling Association Minutes-May 12

  1. Members present: Lynda Bykerk-Rupke, Shawn Bultsma, Dave Witucki. Lisa Healey , Connie Foss, Deb Longuski, Liz Jones, Don Otten, Jim Wood.
  2. President, Lynda Rupke, welcomed new board members and thanked out-going members for their service and contributions while serving their term.
  3. An amendment needs to be made in the May minutes in regard to Membership Renewal. Membership Renewal Forms will be sent out in July.
  4. Another amendment to the May minutes is that we will annually review the December budgetís bottom line at the January meeting to determine the dollar amount assigned to our scholarship fund.
  5. Flowers and a card will be sent to board member Karyn Moulton to encourage and support her while she recovers from surgery.
  6. Ballots must be sent out for President-Elect-Shelli will be contacted by Lynda.
  7. We want to add an advertising chair and website chair to our executive board. Shawn and Lynda will meet this summer to explore the website host, Liz will check out the situation at the ISD. Shawn and Lynda will also draw up a time-line of events for a post card mailing, phone call follow up and parameters for advertising.
  8. Lynda, Jim, and Liz will meet to discuss advertising and newsletter concerns and issues at a summer meeting.
  9. Shawn and Lynda will also meet this summer to clean up the By-Laws and figure out who on earth should be on the board , how long the terms are, what their duties are, and who needs to be elected and who must be appointed. The updated version will be presented in the fall.
  10. Leadership development Conference is July 22 in Ann Arbor. Please contact Chris Van Slyke if you are interested.
  11. Dave Wituckiís address will be used for stationary.
  12. Newsletter and labels are printed and in Shelliís hands.
  13. Magnets with next yearís Executive Board Meeting Dates were distributed. Members were encouraged to make a strong commitment to keeping these dates and being in attendance in order to build on the momentum and strength that we have gained this year as an organization.
  14. It was noted that this yearís President and President Elect have done a phenomenal job in making this the most credible year for WMCA in a long time. Accolades were warmly shared from a variety of board member. Thank you Lynda and Shawn!
  15. Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Lynda Bykerk-Rupke for Danielle Ralston , WMCA Secretary