April 27, 2005

Meeting Notes

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of January Minutes
  3. Officer Reports:

President – Lynda read us a thank you note from Tamara Johnston

Lynda shared with the board the sad news that a fellow MCA member Dr. Diane Michelle had dies in her home. A note will be sent to her family.

MCA membership plan will be published in the newsletter

Secretary will keep historian files. Shelli to get these to Danielle.

Karyn Moulton and Liz Jones will create a flyer for advertising purposes. Shelli will get the information to Karyn.

  1. Past-President – No report
  2. President Elect – Proposed dates for next year approved. Liz to confirm that the ISD conference room is available.
  3. Treasurer – Scholarship proposal was discussed and approved.
  4. Based on revenue scholarships and amounts will be evaluated annually.

  5. Secretary – No report
  6. Newsletter – May 5 deadline please submit articles.
  7. Linda to do an article on featured speaker, Tess, also to contact Drew to submit an article on Linda W. Shelli to submit an article on Jan Bleke and scholarship recipients, Danielle to contact Sue R. to submit an article on Anne King.

  8. Membership – Hard Copy membership renewals will be out in May.
  9. Rep at Large – Requested to look at how we include non-school counselors. Discussion will take place at board workshop on May 12.
  10. MCA Assembly Rep – No report
  11. Grade Level Reps – No report

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

VI. Closing Remarks

VII. Next Meeting: May 12 in the Kent Room at the ISD