March 4, 2005

Meeting Notes

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of January Minutes
  3. Officer Reports:
  1. President – Arrangements have been made with Forest view to host our Spring Banquet. Bookmarks will be given out as favors. A speaker is being looked into. We discussed nominations and the slate for next year. Time Schedule: 8:15 Meet/Greet 8:30 Speaker/Breakfast.
  2. Request for notes to be sent to Cheryl Williams, Linda Nordstrand, Liz Jones, Gussie Folkringa, Christine Larson, Tamara Johnston.

    Plant sent to Christine Larson in honor of her mother.

    Following the Breakfast will be a ½ day Board workshop at Forest view. We will be discussing the Fall program and inclusion of agencies in our membership. Please bring idea’s to share.

  3. Past-President – Slate to be completed and voted upon by April 28 Banquet

  5. President Elect – Setting a date for a committee to get together to set dates for next year.
  6. Treasurer – No report
  7. Secretary – No report
  8. Newsletter – May 5 deadline please submit articles.
  9. Membership – We are up 24 members, we currently have 158 members. Stationary is being ordered.
  10. Rep at Large – Requested to look at how we include non-school counselors. Discussion will take place at board workshop on April 28.
  11. MCA Assembly Rep – No report
  12. Grade Level Reps – No report

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

VI. Closing Remarks

VII. Next Meeting: April 28 8:15 Forest view – All day board workshop. Plan accordingly.